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Hotel del Juguete

Services and Facilities

Everything you need

Toys, toys and more toys.

Yeaaaaah! We have loads of toys.

But there’s more.

More services and facilities for you to enjoy every moment of your stay. And not only behind the bedroom door.

Why don’t you try out:

Hotel del Juguete

The Juguete Restaurant

Our kitchen prepares traditional Mediterranean cuisine for all tastes. It also has a spacious playroom with screens where kids can go have fun while mum and dad enjoy their meal.

Hotel del Juguete

Terrace with games

An outdoor space with a large trampoline, a mediaeval castle, a climbing wall and other fun outdoor games.

Hotel del Juguete

Makeup workshop

On Saturdays we always have a lot of fun at our family makeup workshop, where fun and creativity go hand in hand. Not only will you have a great time – you will also look fabulous!

Hotel del Juguete

Private car park

Just a few steps from the hotel is another hotel where your car can spend the night for only €10/night.

What’s more, all our themed rooms include:

  • Toys
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bathtub
  • LCD TV
  • Heating
  • Telephone
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini fridge
  • Wake-up service