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Hotel del Juguete


We are in Ibi, Alicante. In the renowned Valle del Juguete (“Toy Valley”), in case you needed more clues.

The municipality is connected to the province capital by the A-7, a comfortable highway along which you can get to the beach in 30 minutes.

And our GPS coordinates, in case you need them to travel more comfortably:

  • Longitude. 38º 37′ 34.7412
  • Latitude. 0º 34′ 22.8066″

Here are your options for getting to Hotel del Juguete:


You can reach Ibi by driving along highway A-7. Take exit 459 (Ibi-est) and when you reach the roundabout of the Monument to the Three Wise Men, take the exit towards Centro Ciudad. Once you pass the city hall, you will see the hotel.


There are three railway stations near Ibi. From nearest to furthest, they are Alcoy, Villena and Alicante. From the stations, you can take a taxi to the hotel or rent a car (we recommend you book the latter in advance).


There is a bus from Alicante airport (number C-6) that stops at the Alicante bus station. From that station, you then take the Alicante-Alcoy bus (which stops in Ibi).

You can also rent a car at the airport. If so, we recommend you book the vehicle in advance.


There are several bus lines from Alicante run by the company Subus.

From Valencia, you can reach Ibi with the company Travicoi.

Have you chosen your means of transport?

Great! Now it’s time to choose a room. Which one shall it be?