Hotel del Juguete

Boredom is not an option

An unforgettable experience for the whole family

Hotel del Juguete in Ibi, Alicante

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Yes, we are a hotel

Not a museum, a shop or a playroom.

But no, we are not a typical hotel. And when you get to know us, you will find out why.

Toys, games and colour at every step… We have everything we need to delight our beloved guests. The kings of the household take centre stage at Hotel del Juguete. We are talking about children.

Here, kids will feel at home and enjoy an atmosphere designed especially for them. Because this is a place in which to laugh, run, shout and have fun with your family.

There’s a reason we are a hotel made by and for children.

A world of fun

Our rooms are lots of fun for children – that almost goes without saying. And who are we kidding, they are also fun for nostalgic parents with a lively inner child.

But to round off your stay, we also organise special activities for the whole family. You’ll see: they are the perfect complement for an experience bound to leave a lasting impression.

In short: if you are looking for wow factor, we’ve got it in spades!

Unique and different

We are the only hotel based on the world of toys in all of Spain.

We put our hearts into making sure children have a super special stay while retaining the charm of a small uncrowded hotel.

From family to family.

Choose your room, choose your experience

Our rooms are based on toys and characters that will make you live great family moments.

A fun variety in which you will find toys mum and dad will remember from their childhoods – such as Barriguitas, Nenuco, Playmobil, Lego – along with the newest cartoon characters.

Who do you want to play with?

Our most special experiences

Don’t miss out on our special packages. We have prepared them with utmost care to ensure you live moments filled with fun, surprises and games at any time of year. There’s no excuse not to come.

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Pack Cumpleaños
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Christmas in Hotel del Juguete

Add a touch of magic to the most special time of the year. We fill the hotel with Christmas spirit to make sure you live unforgettable moments with your family. Don’t wait until it’s too late and book these rooms based on the Three Wise Men. Grab them while they’re hot!

Let’s see these Christmas packages

For schools

Are you looking to take your little students on a different adventure? El Valle del Juguete (“Toy Valley”) awaits.

Welcome to the most fun holiday destination for kid: an area filled with toys and joy, with games to play wherever you look at any given moment.

Museums and toy factories, playrooms, themed playgrounds, special activities and the perfect hotel for a trip your children will never forget.

In short, a truly unique holiday destination.

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Events and meetings with spark

If you want your events and business meetings, team buildings… to be the most originals, we have a space for you.

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I’ve heard it said…

Hey, check out what they’ve said about us on TV, the radio, in magazines and more.

Hotel del Juguete